LAKI Boutique also brings to you unique and high fashion accessories from the following international brands:

Love Sparkle - London

Love SparkleTM is a british brand inspired by a quotation and the life philosophy
of one of its founding directors. "Live to love, Love to Sparkle"

With this brand mantra in mind, the jewelry is created from the heart, transforming the essence of this philosophy into magical pieces that take on a sparkling personality of their own.

All jewelry is plated in either 18c Gold or Rhodium for a long lasting, high quality finish.

Love Sparkle - Big Love

Ines de Castihlo - Finest Skin Jewelry hand-made in France

Ines de Castihlo takes you on a journey around the world where you will discover secret gardens. Let yourself bewitched, adorn your skin lightly and gently. Infinitely refined, infinitely feminine, Ines de Castihlo skin jewellery is the final touch to set off your beauty.

Nadia Minkoff - London

Essentially British in make, design and feel, Nadia Minkoff was founded in 1988 with the dream and intention of manufacturing high quality ladies accessories, featuring innovative designs with imaginative detailing. A passion for natural materials, colour, craft, travel and all things vintage became the backbone of the Nadia Minkoff range.


Isaac Manevitz, Egyptian-born designer for Ben-Amun, has had over 30 years of success with his exquisite line of designer fashion jewelry and belts. The company is named after the designer's eldest son (Ben), and the King of Egypt (Isaac's homeland) named Tutankhamun.

He has brought his love of sculpture to his collections by working with fine, unusual materials to create unique designs that are always original and never disappoint. Working with materials such as Lucite, pewter, glass and crystal, give him the ability to make his jewelry distinct and inspirational. His belts, made of the finest Italian leather, come to life with his beautiful casted buckles and detailing. His timeless and fresh designs continue to excite the industry and get stronger by the season.

[French & Lawless]

A breakthrough product which takes the concept of the 1950s handbag hook and updates it for the 21st century. The hangbag comes in elegance, bling, quirkiness and retro styles!! Just pick the one that talks to you, and keep your handbag safe, secure, clean and stylish!


PALESTYLE is more than a Fashion Statement; it mixes Palestinian flavors ( Embroidery, Symbols & Arab Culture) into fashion trends, to revive them in our modern lives. Its a brand created to connect a community of PALESTYLERS, who are proud to reflect Palestine in their daily lives through personal success, sharing knowledge, culture & fashion. More importantly, its a brand that supports refugee women who produce embroidery by providing them income for their work & % of sales.